Why The Change?

When I created Boutique Rocky it was with the intentions to turn something that I love into something that can generate an income. That’s usually the goal, right?


With that in mind, I went to work trying to create a brand and a name for myself within the online boutique industry. If you are familiar with the industry at all, you are aware of how competitive it is. I have put in blood, sweat, and tears into Boutique Rocky. Ok, maybe not blood but if you know me you also know I’m dramatic AF so the amount of tears has made up for the lack of blood tenfold.


It came to the point where I had to make a decision…not because I wasn't generating income - but because I wasn't in love with what I was doing anymore.


(cue tears)


No but for real, it felt like “just a job” and I’m too passionate of a person to dedicate the majority of my free time to “just a job.”


For those of you that don't know, I work full time for an oil & gas company. Boutique Rocky has been my "side hustle" the past few years. 


Alexa, play “Work” by Rihanna. I promise this will be the only Alexa reference I make for the rest of my writing career. Ok I lied it definitely won’t be, but I can assure you they will be worth it.


Thankfully, over the past couple years I feel as though Boutique Rocky has forced me to dive into who I am as a person and focus on the things that I truly care about. This is the driving factor behind why I have decided to take my store in a new direction.


I have always been a BIG accessory girl. So why not use the platform I have already built to not only merchandise products that I love but to also showcase all of the other ideas, causes, and topics that I’m passionate about? 


My goals for Boutique Rocky include (bc a girls GOT to have goals):
    • Showcasing jewelry for the modern girl & woman that fit their style and taste
    • Generate awareness about various female-focused causes through education and donations
    • Create a place for viewers to come for content they can not only relate to, but also learn from


With these goals in mind I am moving forward in this new direction and I hope that you follow along on this very exciting journey.


If anything, I can promise you it won’t be boring.


As always, GIRL POWER.


Logging off - XOXO Rocky