About us

Hey loves!


My name's Rachael and I’m the #GirlBoss behind Boutique Rocky! Before opening my online store, I worked as a Store Manager at another beautiful little boutique where I grew to love all things retail and merchandising! Upon moving back to Houston, I decided to open Boutique Rocky to share my passion for the fashion industry with my own unique style! Besides my obvious love for apparel, I also enjoy indulging in wine nights, Bachelor viewing parties, and endless strolls through the aisles of Sephora.


Why clothing you ask? Because isn’t it every girls dream to have Cher’s closet straight out of Clueless? Next question.


If you love online shopping (which, who doesn’t?) then take a look around and know that everything on my site was hand picked with all of YOU in mind. Cheers and happy shopping!!


If you need to contact us for any reason you can email boutiquerocky@gmail.com! 



Rachael (Rocky)